Car Inverter 2

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No need of looking for where to charge again

In The Car Power & Charge Laptop, DVD Player, Digital / Dash Camera, Electric Fan, Printer, Tablet Phone, Car Refrigerator, Car Vacuum Cleaner and so oncharge on the go

you can charge your gadgets anywhere you go.

Inside trafficwhile travellingwhile going on vacationsyou can even plug extension box as well


Brand new and high quality

Portable and convenient to use.

Unit converts DC power to AC power

Only plug to the cigarette lighter socket, it can operate AC appliance under 150W.

LED Indicator light lets you know if charger is on or off

Intelligent IC chip inside recognizes a fully charged battery and automatically switches to a saver mode to prevent overcharging and short circuit. Can convert 12V DC into 110V/220V,50/60Hz AC, and USB output is DC 5V. Rated output power of the product is 150W, which can be widely used in all kinds of electrical equipment, such as mobile phone, TV set fanner, digital equipment. It is the best choice for your self-drive, field work, entertainment

things you can charge with the car inverter

  • rechrgeable fanslaptops phones digital cameraDVD players


Input Voltage : 12V DC

Output Voltage : 110VAC 50Hz/  220V AC 60Hz

USB Output: 5V 0.5A

Power Rate: 150W

Max Power: 300W

Voltage Protection

 Low-voltage: 10-11V

Over-voltage :15-16V

Over-Lord Protection: > 150W

Short-circuit Protection: Yes

Waterproof Rate: Non-waterproof

Color: Red black

Size: 12×6.3×4 cm

Net Weight:140g

i know some of this questions are poping up in your mind

will it affect my  car battery?not at all but make sure you only use when the engine is working.wii it affect my brain box?no it has no effect on the brain boxwii it affect my car in any way?no it has no effect on the brain boxCan i test it before payment?Yes test it before payment

normal price ,28000promo price 15000

Note: You are free to test before you make payment

promo ends in 

04Days : 03Hours : 11Minutes : 00Seconds

You missed out!

100% Money Back GuaranteedReturn Policy Upto 7 Days GuaranteedExpress Shipping to Your Door Step Nation WidePayment on Delivery Avaliable

fill the form below to place your order

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